A collection of writings loosely based on a theme of ‘weird London’. It ain’t ‘alf a queer old town, you know…

Please feel free to leave comments, especially if you know of (or write!) a blog on a theme that resonates with anything you see here and which you’d like to see me link to. Cheers!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Mike Davis Says:

    I edit a Lovecraftian magazine (http://lovecraftzine.com), and I found your recent “London” entry interesting, regarding Dr. Elizabeth Worthing, Dept. Of Physics and Astronomy, UCL. Can you tell me more about your blog? Is this fiction, etc.? I’d like to link to you when I understand more.

    • routemasterflash Says:

      Hi Mike, I emailed you but perhaps you check your blog more often…anyway, I explained a little about what I do in the email, so please have a look and by all means get back to me here or on my gmail account.


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